Catamaran is a Dallas-based psychedelic surf pop band that crafts catchy melodies layered over surf guitars, a grooving rhythm section, and pulsing flourishes. Goes good with Surfer Blood, Real Estate, and Vampire Weekend.




Catamaran quickly launched into the spotlight in the Dallas-Fort Worth area after making their radio debut on the 102.1 KDGE Local Show. The band was nominated for a 2013 Dallas Observer Music Award for Best Pop Act and is currently in rotation on DFW's popular independent radio station, 91.7 KXT. 

Catamaran has earned fans the hard way, playing venues around the metroplex such as Club Dada, Crown & Harp, Double Wide, Prophet Bar, Lola's, and even opening for Brett Dennen at Granada Theater. Founding members Stephen Glenn (vocals, guitar) and Tom Theall (drums) met in Dallas in 2010. An obsession for sharing and discussing music soon turned into acoustic jam sessions. A grooving surf sound began to emerge, and a few demos were recorded. The talented Alec Rosales (lead guitar, keys, percussion) joined the band in mid-2012. He became a perfect fit for the group and brings a guitar sound that ranges from pristine to colorfully mangled.

The name Catamaran came about during a late-night summer pool party. The twin-hulled boat proved to be a durable vehicle for their sound—able to transmit the awe, joy, and loneliness of the outdoors with a deeply inward narrative that examines personal relationships in the context of social sea change.

Catamaran is available for interviews. For press inquiries, email catamarantheband@gmail.com



Stephen Glenn – Vocals, Guitar
Chris Escarfullery – Bass, Keys
Tom Theall – Drums




Stage Setup

Download stage setup here.

In The Press


Preston Jones at dfw.com

"Weekdays is a masterful debut, and Catamaran may, as it did for me, instantly become your new favorite band in North Texas." - Preston Jones, dfw.com

Dallas Observer says:

"Catamaran make rhythmically enrapturing, heady surf rock. The quartet use tremolo-ed guitars and syrupy melodies to craft songs that marry the Beach Boys' warmth to Vampire Weekend's highbrow East Coast pop. On the back of their new single, "All Around" and a flurry of shows, the boys have made big ripples here in Dallas. National exposure is in their future." - JP

Central Track says:

"They don't make songs much more ear-wormy than Catamaran's 'All Around.' Impressively, the rest of the band's debut is nearly as catchy as that sparkling indie-pop gem. More remarkable, still, is just how closely to the album these guys manage to sound in a live setting." - Cory Graves